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New generation enterprise IS for successful planning, management, automation and real-time decision making

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How will OR-SYSTEM help your company?

OR-SYSTEM will accelerate sales activities supported by on-line resource management and help eliminate bottlenecks in production for flexibility and market success, economic profit and motivation of your staff.


ERP solution integrates data down to production resources and provides mobile applications in warehouses, production and on-the-go sales and service personnel.


Harmonizes the business cycle, refines costing, optimizes inventory, reduces work-in-process and increases value-added.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Improve process and manufacturing procedures, automate processes and make bottlenecks in production capacity visible.


Assembles products according to final properties with allowed combinations of values (material, semi-finished products, products, subcontractors...) for full automation, production optimization, speed and accuracy of deliveries.


Integrated CRM, Complaints and Service modules with automation for manufacturing processes and production excellence with traceability of materials, batches, melts etc.


Tuned CAD/CAM, PLM/PDM, MES/MOM, WMS, e-commerce synchronization.

Why choose OR-SYSTEM?

OR-SYSTEM is one of the largest, Czech ERP business information system solutions with a wide range of modules that we will customize together to your processes and needs. Our experienced team of consultants and developers have an extensive library of know-how in manufacturing business management and have been helping to meet the demanding requirements of customers from custom, piece production to mass production for over 30 years.

OR-SYSTEM is a specialist in technology, production and capacity, sales and care, costing or logistics, and will also handle accounting, calculate payroll and support your workers from attendance to benefits. Our support includes scalable HelpDesk services with guaranteed 24/7 response.



ERP solution for small manufacturing companies from 5 to 50 employees.

  • Quick implementation in a matter of weeks
  • From 800,-/ CZK user per month, running in the cloud, Connected anywhere
  • Specialist in manufacturing, sales and logistics
  • Easy upgrade to OR-SYSTEM Open - cost guarantee

For the demanding


A comprehensive, open ERP system for medium and large manufacturing companies.

  • Supports all processes and needs - from field salespeople, technologists to accountants
  • Configurators to automation and smart factory (pricing, TPV, quotations, capacity, production plan, quality, traceability...)
  • APS for managing production capacity to business and resource requirements
  • CRM and Service for improving relationships and taking care of clients and your products

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11 MODULES, 250+ applications

We have a lot of modules. That's not the point.

Workflow, activities and tasks

Barcodes and QR codes, JasperReports®

Object Configurator


Inquiries and offers




Projects, Tasks and WBS

TPV and PLM, PDM, CAD integration

APS Capacity Planning of Resources for Production

Mobile CRM

Microsoft Outlook Integration



slova odborníka

OR-SYSTEM in the words of an expert

"It's not about the number of modules, it's about choosing the right approach that fits your company's strategy and helps you meet your goals. We will design a bespoke system to suit your requirements. Call, see for yourself and you'll be delighted. "

Pavel Horáček, Sales Manager OR-CZ spol. s r.o.

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Pavel Horáček | ORCZ

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