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How will Mr.Sejf help you?

Mr.Sejf is a user-friendly and intuitive service for secure and encrypted communication. It enables the addressed sharing of any type of electronic documentation to any recipient and is provided completely free of charge at the basic level.


Select a recipient from the address book, insert the item (attachment, text), send and you're done.

Installation-free technology

No installation on the end device is required to use the Mr.Sejf service.


Unlike other tools, Mr.Sejf is not dependent on registered users. You can send a shipment to anyone.


Two-factor authentication of the recipient (e-mail, mobile number), limited lifetime of the data sent, and encryption of the data throughout the transmission.


Possibility of integration with any information system via API.

Service also on-premise

Mr.Sejf can be used both as a service and as a local installation on the client's HW devices.

Why choose Mr.Sejf?

Does your job involve the secure sending of sensitive electronic documents, for example to colleagues, business partners, or clients? And, at the same time, do you want to be sure that a specific document will arrive safely only into the hands of your designated recipient? Try Mr. Sejf, a free web service that will receive, encrypt, and forward your document to the recipient

Increased security is ensured mainly thanks to two-factor user authentication (e-mail, mobile number), limited lifetime of the sent data, and its encryption throughout the transmission - i.e. from the initial communication between the sender and the server to the decryption of the shipment by the recipient

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register for the service?

If you are sending using the service, registration is required. If you are only the recipient, you are not required to register for the service.

Is the service free?

Receiving shipments is always free of charge. Sending is also free in the basic category. Paid variants can be purchased to increase the limits and functionality. For more information on paid variants, please contact us.

What type of data can I send?

You can use the service to send any data in any format.

How do I download the files I receive?

After receiving the email and clicking on the link to pick up the shipment, the recipient is sent an SMS code that must be entered in order to download the shipment. If the SMS code is lost, there are two more attempts to resend the SMS. If you are accessing the shipment directly from the service, from the Received Files tab, you need to enter both the SMS code and the code from the received e-mail to retrieve it.

What is the maximum amount of data I can send?

The allowed limits for each category are listed on the Service's website in the Terms of Service.

What additional benefits does the paid category of service provide me over the free category?

Compared to the free versions, the limits, the volumes of messages sent, and the number of messages are extended. We also provide an API for the paid versions to connect to other systems in your organization.

How is your service different from other electronic documentation-sharing tools?

Other services and tools for sending electronic documentation usually need to be installed. This is a limitation for the user and makes it impossible to use the tool at any time. To use Mr.Sejf, you only need the Internet and do not need to install anything. You can use it anytime and anywhere.

How is the security of the sent data ensured?

Security is ensured by two-factor authentication of the recipient (e-mail, mobile number). The data is also protected by encryption throughout its transmission, as well as a limited lifetime of the shipments.

What are the options for connecting Mr.Sejf to other information systems?

If you want to connect Mr.Sejf to other information systems and use it for automated shipments, for example, we will provide you with a complete description of the API for paid categories or on-premise installation and will be happy to help you connect to a specific information system.

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