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IBM Cognos Express solution for management control, reporting, planning, and data analysis

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How will IBM Cognos Express help you?

It is an integrated set of tools for management, planning, and data analysis. It provides fast and secure access to company data from any device, anywhere.


The ability to work with large data quickly, efficiently, and without limitations.


Access to data through a web client from any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone). User-friendly creation and editing of reports.


A data model created over any number of data sources (ERP, CRM, Excel, etc.)


Planning as an integral part of the entire model, including what-if decision-making algorithms.


A user (manager) is independent of IT - reports, editing, data analysis, etc. are user-defined.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence as part of IBM Cognos Express tools helps with data analysis and interpretation of results.

Why Choose IBM Cognos Express?

The Business Intelligence (BI) solution of IBM Cognos Express is a set of integrated tools developed and long supported by one of the world's IT leaders, the IBM company. It has long been a pioneer in management solutions for data reporting, planning, and analysis.

Our customers particularly appreciate the robustness and speed of the system, the reduction of dependence on IT, and up-to-date data available anytime and anywhere. The data presentation is clear, graphical, and intuitive. IBM Cognos Express is a BI solution suitable for medium-sized and larger business and manufacturing companies, as well as for healthcare organizations.

We have many years of know-how to address management needs and requirements. We have several pre-built BI models and reporting maps that we customize in a specific client's environment. We provide quality consulting and service services to more than 40 IBM Cognos Express clients and are a long-term partner in addressing Business Intelligence requirements

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