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IS Integration

Integration of information systems operated in healthcare facilities

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Why integrate?

The aim is to ensure homogeneity, the necessary integrity, and the availability of data from systems of different technologies and vendors, using international recommendations and principles for the exchange and sharing of medical documentation (IHE).


Linking different applications and systems regardless of their architecture and technology.


Interfacing with the national contact point, central electronic health services of the eGovernment, and sectoral identifiers.


Communication with surrounding healthcare communities by connecting to the XDS affinity domain.

Access to data

Web applications enabling access to shared data and medical records securely.


Use of central shared components (code lists, logging, registries, repositories).


Compliance with international standards and IHE recommendations (XCPD, XCA, HL7, FIHR, DICOM).

Why choose OR-CZ?

The OR-CZ company has many years of experience in the development and implementation of information systems in healthcare. In our portfolio, you will find products for healthcare facilities of all sizes, outpatient clinics, and regions. We constantly keep up with technological trends and are not afraid to be the first to break new ground. But what's really important, we constantly strive to make our solutions user-friendly, making sure they make sense, help and connect the healthcare industry.

Integration tools are used to build interoperability for hospitals to share patient data both within a given facility and with the surrounding healthcare environment. At the same time, they provide centralization of essential healthcare metadata such as central document registries, medical code lists, audit logging of access to medical records, and possibly more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the interconnection and integration of information systems work?

For the integration of information systems, an integration platform is usually used as a central element through which the communication and data formats exchanged between the connected systems are set.

What integration platform technology do you use?

We have experience and trained staff on multiple technologies. The specific technology is always addressed according to the scope of the project and customer requirements.

What is ESB?

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a service bus that allows applications to communicate with each other and easily transfer data, regardless of the application technology.

Do you use the IHE recommendations?

When implementing projects, we make sure to follow international standards (HL7, FHIR, DICOM, ...) and recommendations (IHE), because standardizing communication protocols is the only possible way to unify data exchange between information systems.

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