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IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing of IT environment and provision of information systems as a service

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What can we help you with?

We provide comprehensive IT infrastructure management, including servers, networks, databases and other devices. We provide regular maintenance, monitoring and updates to all systems so you can be sure your IT infrastructure is running efficiently and smoothly.

Comprehensive care

Thanks to our individual approach to each customer and detailed needs analysis, we are ready to handle even the most demanding requirements.

Private data center

Our company's data center is built as a highly secure private cloud, is permanently maintained at the most modern level and is operated by qualified staff.


Our services are flexible and scalable. We can adapt to the growth needs of our customers and provide IT infrastructure that meets current requirements.


We strive to minimize the risk of cyber threats and data misuse. We implement advanced security technologies, perform regular data backups, and assist customers with risk management.

Cost reduction

Outsourcing IT infrastructure allows you to reduce operating costs. You don't have to invest in your own hardware, software and licenses, and you can avoid the costs associated with hiring IT professionals.

Continuous monitoring and service

Our team of qualified professionals is available to provide support and assistance in resolving technical issues, including continuous monitoring of operations and service.

Why choose IT outsourcing from OR-CZ?

We believe our IT infrastructure outsourcing services will help reduce costs, provide expert assistance and allow you to focus on key aspects of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the availability of your infrastructure?

Our infrastructure is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with guaranteed availability of 99.99%.

How do you ensure the security of the provided infrastructure?

Our infrastructure is secured with multiple layers of protection, including firewalls, data encryption, attack detection and prevention, and regular data backups.

What support do you provide for your infrastructure?

We provide technical support according to customer needs (including 24/7), which includes fast response times, troubleshooting and infrastructure advice.

What is the pricing model for infrastructure provision?

Our pricing models are based on customer needs and infrastructure usage, and can be either on a monthly subscription basis or on a per resource consumed billing basis.

What is the data backup policy for the provided infrastructure?

To ensure data security, we provide regular backups that are stored on separate and secure storage and can be restored in the event of an unforeseen system failure.

What are the advantages of outsourcing IT infrastructure?

Cost Reduction: Outsourcing allows organizations to reduce the operational costs associated with owning and managing their own physical infrastructure.

Better Resource Utilization: An outsourced provider can provide a higher level of expertise and experience, improving the utilization of IT resources.

Scalability and Flexibility: Outsourcing provides an organization with the ability to quickly respond to changes in IT infrastructure usage needs and adapt it to meet current requirements.

Improved Performance: Outsourcing can lead to improved IT infrastructure performance and availability due to the better processes and technologies offered by the provider.

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