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About Specialized ICT Solutions

OR-CZ provides customers with outsourcing of information systems and focuses on the supply of enterprise data centers, network infrastructure and other ICT elements (servers, data storage, PCs, data networks, security elements and camera systems), mainly focused on the operation of enterprise information systems of manufacturing companies, healthcare facilities, state administration and education.

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Our ICT solutions

business inteligence
Institutions and administration
Manufacture and trade

Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Express solution for management, reporting, planning and data analysis.

Outsourcing IT | ORCZ
Institutions and administration

IT Outsourcing

Ensuring the smooth running of your IT, our own data centre.

IT Infrastruktura | ORCZ
Institutions and administration

IT infrastructure

Management decision support system with reports and planning.

MrSejf | ORCZ
Institutions and administration
Manufacture and trade


Share confidential data quickly and securely.

Why choose us?

We are an innovative software company. We are not afraid to tailor-make solutions for our customers. OR Group has already 31 years of successful presence on the ICT market in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Currently, it employs over 100 professionals and takes care of hundreds of important customers.

Our experts in databases, data networks, operating systems and security are able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers and prepare a secure and stable environment for your business.


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