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How will PAMP help you?

PAMP helps to create a graphical process analysis, which is an elective tool to find a common path to a clearly defined goal

Business analysis

Makes it easier to describe key areas before making important changes, e.g. ERP implementation.

Graphical documentation

Improves readability through graphical syntax.

Time saving

Time invested in process analysis always pays back when innovating.

Data management

Makes it easier to manage and implement changes to business processes.

ISO standards

Support for ISO standards and processing of documents according to their methodologies.


Through ready-made process analysis, it is possible to perform optimizations and thus improve company processes.

Why choose PAMP?

Process analyses are not new; they were developed in the USA at the beginning of the 21st century. Since then, they have spread to the rest of the world. They are therefore globally known syntaxes that have firm roots. PAMP uses all these methods and procedures and adapts them to the needs of Czech companies. Many projects where this technology has been used show a smooth and efficient process in the following stages, and above all, the achievement of the goal that was defined at the outset. This will be appreciated by all who use this service.

Thanks to its graphical syntax, PAMP allows the mapping and understanding of the company processes that are to be changed. This will allow not only short-term improvements through clear specification and understanding of needs but also long-term benefits for the company. The key is to take advantage of optimizations that will enable the continuous development of the company. Just as individual production components wear out and degrade, so do the processes themselves. And if they are not improved in time, problems can arise.

Frequently asked questions

What is PAMP?

The PAMP service offers process analysis and optimization of business processes. In other words, it "helps to see processes". However, this does not mean that you cannot see your processes. PAMP will prepare them in a clear form and will offer additional benefits such as finding bottlenecks and optimizing them.

Where can process analysis be used?

Process analysis is suitable wherever changes or optimization are needed. Most often we focus on manufacturing companies in conjunction with ERP, but this is not a necessity for using process analysis. We can help everyone.

Can I maintain the individual process analyses myself or is your assistance required?

Both options are possible. Most often, we process the first models and then train you so that you can do everything yourself. Of course, we are always available for your questions.

Do I have to purchase your system when processing a process analysis?

A process analysis should be part of every new system implementation. However, it is not tied directly to our system but can be used with any system or change being made in the company.

Is it necessary to buy some expensive tools?

If you choose to do a process analysis, no tool is needed. We own all the necessary tools. If you decide to proceed on your own, then we will only give you recommendations on what you should use. However, whether you choose to use a FREE tool or one recommended by us is entirely up to you.

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