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Attendance system

A modern and accurate record of employee attendance

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How will the attendance system help you?

The attendance system automatically tracks and evaluates the time worked with the possibility of exporting the information to the payroll system.


Simple to use, easy to set up, easy to connect to the payroll system, and convenient to work with exports. Adjusts in terms of shifts, overtime, and payroll.

Web interface

Accessible from anywhere, easy accessibility, no client installation required, accessible from PC and mobile devices.

Contactless identification system

Fully universal sensors can be freely combined into desired systems. Advantages include automated data storage mode, fingerprint identification, and easy installation.

Access tracking

The access control system conveniently replaces mechanical keys. It ensures easy restriction of access to a given area (building, classroom, office, warehouse) or monitoring of passageways.


Can be integrated with any information system via API

Mobile applications

Selected functions are accessible on mobile devices. They allow instant access to the attendance sheet, employee status, virtual attendance scanner, and more.

Why choose the Attendance System?

The attendance records system is designed with user-friendliness and resilience in mind in all of its parts. It allows a wide range of parameterization according to client needs. Data processing is done in real time. It is possible to correct the acquired data, define permissions for individual users of the system, monitor presence at the workplace, and evaluate the time worked and absences. It also offers simple export to a payroll system for payroll processing, reports in various formats (HTML, PDF, Excel), and a virtual scanner for remote workplaces.

The system is supplied according to client needs with registration in the form of contactless cards, chips, biometric data, and virtual identification

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to set different types of working hours in the attendance system?

Yes, the system works with different types of working hours: fixed, flexible, irregular, and shortened.

Is it possible to make manual adjustments to the data captured in the attendance system?

Yes, an authenticated user can make all corrections to the scanned data, deletions, edits, additions, etc.

Can we edit the system parameters ourselves?

You can manage the entire system yourself - all settings are accessible.

Is access via a mobile app possible?

For Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices, there is an app available that is designed specifically for these devices - a view of the selected data.

In addition, all attendance data can be accessed via a web browser.

Can employees access their attendance data?

Yes, a special employee access is created for employees to view their attendance data without editing.

Is it possible to define different rights for users?

Yes, each user can be given access to individual system functions as well as rights to edit employee attendance.

Are future legislative changes foreseen in the attendance system?

Yes, new legislative changes are added to the system and subsequently installed for the clients.

To which payroll systems can the attendance system be exported?

The basic attendance system already includes some exports such as Orsoft, Permis, Cool, and Nugget and it is possible to add others as required.

What is the support of the attendance system by the supplier?

It is possible to negotiate an agreement for system support and consulting activities, both on SW and HW as required.

Is it possible to add our specific features to the application?

Yes, client-specific requirements can be programmed into the system.

What system does your application run on?

The server part of the application can be installed on Windows and Linux operating systems.

The client part can run on any system - it is a web application with access via a web browser.

Can we use our existing identification elements in the system?

Yes, the HW sensors will be set up as required during implementation.

Is it possible to add HW sensors in the future?

Yes, this is a simple modular solution that can be added to at any time.

Can the attendance system also control access?

Each HW sensor can control any entry device such as a door, turnstile, etc. It is also possible to extend the attendance system with an access module, where it is possible to specify who can pass through the barrier and when.

Is it possible to operate the attendance system at remote locations?

Yes, it is possible both in terms of hardware (HW sensors), virtual sensor, and access to the attendance system via the web interface.

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