OR-SYSTEM Open at the largest designer, developer and manufacturer of doors in the country

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About our client

SAPELI, a.s. is the largest manufacturer of doors and door frames in the Czech Republic and historically the oldest door manufacturer in the Czech Republic. Its success is built on top design and precise quality, as well as exports to demanding markets in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and other countries. The choice is virtually unlimited, offering dozens of possible combinations of door material, finish, decor, glazing or hardware. Wide sales network under the brands SAPELI centre and Sapeli point + 2 production plants.

380 workers

1 billion CZK turnover

165,000 doors per year

Description of the solution

The key element is the ERP Module Configurator, which allows customers to individually configure products. This tool automates the creation of TPVs, which includes ensuring manufacturability as well as the creation of relevant documentation. Another important function is individual pricing from the configuration, which allows flexible adjustment of the pricing structure according to the selected parameters.

SAPELI also uses calculations of estimated product delivery time from the configuration and national mutation of the product configurator, which takes into account the specifics of markets and B2B partners in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Hungary and other countries. SAPELI actively communicates within the B2B environment and provides not only the product itself, but also assembly and service at the customer's site. When setting production dates, the company uses production throughput in so-called ideal pieces, using time constants and taking into account company calendars.

In addition, it performs MRP calculations for non-addressed deliveries and implements EAN codes in logistics and production for optimal product tracking and quality compliance. Other aspects of ERP include tcreation of shift plans, efficient utilization of machines, tools and capacities. For efficient management of deliveries and order packaging, delivery specifications and collaboration in order dispatch with external company JIPOCAR are used. Corporate planning and controlling is provided by OR Business Intelligence. SAPELI a.s. Jihlava actively integrates modern technological tools and processes into its smart factory to provide comprehensive solutions for partners and end customers.

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Winner of the national competition IT project of the year 2009 (CACIO), production line control with data from customer product configuration, processes Sales - TPV - Production - Logistics.

TPV according to configurator

Automation of creation of individual TPV of a specific configured product without intervention of design and technical production preparation staff on the basis of "representative TPV" (template).

Foreign language versions

B2B Product configurators in different languages according to partner login.

Production throughput and scheduling

In "ideal pieces" using time constants, linked to company calendars to meet delivery deadlines.

Integration with MES

The solution includes bidirectional communication of configured orders with the MES solution COMES from COMPAS Automation for data transfer and machine control on production lines.

Jiří Tesař

Benefits of the solution

"Our manufacturing and service activities are very broad, so speed of response to requirements and product quality at the highest level is important. OR-SYSTEM Open helps to plan on time trade, purchasing, organize production and report work in all production centers. It is an indispensable part for production documentation and cost control. We rely on the cooperation and partnership with OR-CZ, including the development of our new requirements for an enterprise information system solution."

Ivana Novotná, Economist, Managing Director

Pavel Horáček | ORCZ

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